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Founded by Ryan Gravel, the idea-guy behind the Atlanta Beltline, Generator’s mission is to bring people together to generate ideas that shape the future of cities. At Generator, we know it takes more than a single person or idea to create lasting change—it takes a movement. When we come together to listen, learn, and collaborate, we open the door to unexpected connections, resources, and the human power to catalyze ideas into action. 

We’re committed to creating a space for social change where all people have a voice in working towards a shared vision for a better tomorrow. 

More than ever, our cities need us, the people, to lead the way. They need us to bring humanity into concrete, to build hope into infrastructure, and to realize the unimaginable.  Together, we will build a world where everyday people armed with ideas will create real and lasting change for their communities and for the world.


Generator is committed
to creating a space for social change where all people have a voice in working towards a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

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People are social beings. Our history is full of stories where social gatherings, conversations, and collaboration paved the way for progress. At Generator, we know that community is the first step to change and at the heart of every community is a gathering place—a place to recharge and connect face to face. To eat, laugh, drink, to challenge ourselves and each other.



Change takes work. It takes grit, collaboration, and time. It takes a network. At Generator, we’re dedicated to creating a space where anyone’s idea can find a team of believers and build momentum for progress. We support people by helping them build and connect the relationships and resources that turn ideas into action.



We believe ideas can change the world. And that the best ideas often come from unexpected places, at unexpected times. Which is why we’re here to listen— to help any idea take seed and grow. To create a place where every person and any idea is heard. Generator is an epicenter of diverse thought, a place for people whose paths might not normally cross to come together, to listen, to share, to take action.

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Today’s cities are growing rapidly, becoming more and more complex. They’re changing the way we live, and the way that we want to live. But, at the heart of every complex problem is the hope for a better tomorrow. We push on and keep thinking, and doing. Building solutions that will transform the future because we believe there is always a better way.